NEW SONG: “Pile of Possessions” IGNITION LAB WEEK #45

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

The word prompt for week was KITSCH. I had all sorts of ideas for this one, but I wound up thinking about a hoarder. One that cannot give up the opportunity she has to purchase things at garage sales. I picture this one being sung by a hipster in a garage where things keep piling up behind and beside her in a fast stop motion. Check out my Pile of Possessions.

 Pile of Possessions

Oh look there’s a sale at the top of the hill
I wonder what I’ll catch to add to my batches
Of worldly collections. They keep me connected
To a world that no longer has my attention
Each thing has a story and I have the conclusion
I can say with assurance it’s not a delusion

Every object has a soul
And they need a loving home
The kind I could provide
And save it from demise

It’s my pile of possessions
You might think it an obsession
But I’m just doing my part
And gathering art

They’ve had many lives, you’d be surprised
All the faces they’ve seen all the places they’ve been
So many stories that you’d only dream of
I have them all at the palm of my hand

What you don’t understand
They’re lives I’ve never had
My days feel incomplete
I need a soul to keep